Online Sales Thought for the Day: Think Product and Service First… Not Your Business!

Quick reality check: Are you really making sales online? Or is your website just sitting there and costing you money? If you really want to make money on the web, you have to change your business paradigm. No matter how great your company is… whether customer service, ideas, attitudes, you must put your products and services first.

What?!? I don’t get it!

Consumers who don’t already know your business are searching for what THEY want… Products and Services. Not your business. Get rid of your yellow pages mentality. (that’s soooooo ”90s) Of course you had better have phenomenal customer service and provide great products and services… but to get a consumer to actually find and complete the sale you had better put the latter in the forefront, first. Period.

Merchants are often the very barrier between a consumer buying or not. Consumers are smart, savvy and impatient. If you want to make sales online, embrace this fact. Give them what they want…make money, be happy. =)


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