How To Take the NFL Game Into the Boardroom

We have seen an influx of articles, blogs touching on innovation, scenario planning, social media, sustainability, and the triple bottom line by leading publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, and Facility Manager Magazine. The common theme comes down to one question – “What is our strategic roadmap to score touchdowns (desired states)?”

Visualize a stadium, the offense and defense players on the field with conflicting strategies. Nothing happens if you do not have a game plan. Disruptive ideas or technology can make us into skeptics or breed fear. Al Davis, owner of the Oakland Raiders, one of the disruptive forces who made the NFL what it is today had a simplistic mantra: “Pride and Poise” for the business and game strategies.

Let us look at how the game of football can help your projects and/or strategic initiatives score results.

Defense – Encountering where you want to go and how to get to the end zone with your strategic vision or problem statement. Pose those heresy/heretical questions for whole brain thinking.

Offense – Equip your people with the right tools. Seek the “opinion leaders” within your organization or venue to allow the team to become changemakers to move the ball (goals) down the field for results and significance.

Scoreboard – Empower the stakeholders through the “right” measurements for “correct action” and not corrective action. Never give up, the last two minutes of the game can be the most significant to pull the players together through persistence and the winning attitude.

Touchdown – It’s all about “execution” of the game plan. It might be the wildcat offense to disrupt the defensive players, who at first may be skeptics, but then must change to equalize the new game on the field. Utopia arrives when the players’ egos are removed…the team is functioning as a Mastermind group, a term coined by Napoleon Hill

One of the best examples of extraordinary strategy is the New England Patriots…breeding touchdowns on the scoreboard and within each player of trust, transparency, and shared goals. The team becomes systematic and critical thinkers for a priceless competitive advantage over the competition.

Its game time, take to the field with the attitude of “together we can make a world of a difference” – the touchdowns you score will be priceless.