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Think Local :: Sell Global™

A special summary of the great equalizer for small business…


This summary is your introduction to powerful social media services; eCommerce and SEO experience concepts that can help increase revenues to small businesses…

  • – Between 24 — 25 million small businesses in America right now are not effectively selling online.
  • – Many have websites, but they are simply “brochure-ware” sites that act as liabilities and not assets.
  • – Many are also consumed with marketing their businesses to a defined local area radius — what they define as “local.”
  • – Far too many small businesses still hold to the paradigm that it’s all about their business first and their product/service second. In the world of eCommerce, this simply doesn’t cut it. Consumers are looking for products and services…not businesses. We embrace this concept!

Think Local :: Sell Global!™ is the philosophy of Local Marketplace™. We are redefining how Small Business America can collectively harness the Web as “The Great Equalizer.” We use the hundreds of thousands of products and services available within any city to create vast Virtual City Networks.

The Problem

Currently, “Small Business America” does not have an effective tool or process to effectively sell their products or services online while marketing their local city. Redefining shopping locally brings in customers virtually first, then physically into their respective stores. Small Business America will be the driving force for the economic recovery and to bring sustainability to the forefront by improving business processes and profitability. There is nothing “Greener” than electronic commerce & viability of the 3Ps: Profit, People, and Planet.

What merchants think is local and many lack the funds or people to manage technology systems. The merchants have to be engaged to embrace but also be enlightened at the same time that in Web 2.0 first it is ALL about products and services…not business first. Small business owners are often the biggest obstacle in completing a sale online. We aim to change that!

Companies like Reach Local, Merchant Circle and CitySearch are wonderful for promoting businesses, but in the end they are essentially walking potential customers right up the *virtual* front doors…then they walk away! Why don’t they complete the sale?

Far too many small businesses still hold to the paradigm that it’s all about their business first and their product/service second…this simply doesn’t cut it. In the world of eCommerce and Web 2.0 it is all about transactions for cash flow. Consumers are looking for products and services…not businesses. We embrace this concept!

The current large players are essentially missing this hugely untapped market of 24-25 million small businesses and the hundreds of millions of products and services available for sale… not just available for promotion or social media. Small businesses are walking potential customers to the virtual front doors of these merchants and then they are walking away.

We will close the sale for the merchants.

The Solution

Think Local :: Sell GlobalTM is the philosophy of Local Marketplace™, we are “changemakers” redefining how Small Business America can collectively harness the Web as “The Great Equalizer.” We use the hundreds of thousands of products and services available within any city to create vast Virtual City Networks.

We have a provisional patent application registered with the USPTO: “Online Local or Regional or Neighborhood or City or County or State e-Commerce Marketplaces” for competitive advantage. The proof of concept model is Auburn-Marketplace.com, a fully transactional, city marketplace where Auburn Californian Merchants are selling their products and services, while marketing their city.

Our goal is to provide small businesses a lower cost – between 4.1 – 5.1 percent of each transaction. These merchants have been left behind and we’re going to empower them with the great equalizer – extreme SEO and a built-in social media platform.

Each and every product and service within the marketplace will be optimized and not only will each of these bring sales to each merchant, but they will also help market their attendant local cities.

We have an official deal in place with the California Board of Equalization whereby we can accept funds on behalf of merchants and not be taxed for it.

We will help bring this economy back on its feet by correctly collecting taxes on each and every sale – if the if the merchant has established nexus within the attendant marketplace state.

Savvy merchants are creating jobs for themselves by offering to input “timid” merchants (and they are advertising these services on the marketplace itself).

Why merchants choose us:

  • – the marketplace system is easy to use
  • – we deliver the search results
  • – our commissions are very low
  • – we create jobs

Why governments will partner with us:

  • – it won’t cost them a penny
  • we bring in tax revenues (unlike Amazon or eBay, which make it easy for people to “ignore” taxation.
  • – we will keep the local merchants in business instead of closing their doors and their employees in unemployment lines

Local Marketplace Design

Local-Marketplace.com is an easy to use, but very advanced Online City Marketplace System that allows Merchants to sell their products and services collectively WHILE MARKETING Their CITY to the rest of the world!

This Do-it-Yourself System delivers TREMENDOUS Search Engine Results to products and services.

There is No need to have website of your own or be technical (very simple to use). Local Marketplace delivers NEW customers from around the globe “virtually” first, then ultimately to the stores.

Participating merchants will have a team of highly motivated web pros working hard in the background to optimize the products and services you insert into the system, so they are found in the search engines!

We get paid when you get paid! (*after initial membership fee).

Charitable events marketed and sold through Local-Marketplace.com will be processed and our commissions will be waived (after credit card fees and taxes).

Local Marketplace Advanced Benefits and Features

Customer Features:

  • Registered customers do not have to re-enter their information each time they visit the site
  • Registered customers can edit their personal profiles
  • Registered customers can access order history
  • Registered Customers can use Wish lists
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Moderated product reviews and ratings
  • Newsletter engine
  • Send to friend functionality
  • Multiple customer types and pricing
  • Social Networking Tools Built In (customers can help market each listed product and service )

Search Engine Optimization Features:

  • Extreme SEO! (Search Engine Optimization) for all listed products and services offered… which means awesome search engine ranking
  • Pages are easily crawled and found by all major search engines
  • Custom META tags and keywords within Local-Marketplace.com


  • Secure, password-protected merchant control panel
  • Control products and services from anywhere in the world via any web browser
  • View customers’ order history
  • Real time order tracking
  • Export sales and customer information for use in a spreadsheet and/or Quickbooks

Products Features:

  • Sell unlimited number of products, sevices within unlimited categories
  • Downloadable goods (e-goods) e.g. e-Books, Plans, Manuals, etc.
  • Offer “members-only” categories
  • Featured Products (shown at the top of category pages)
  • Bestselling Products
  • Related products: upselling and cross-selling
  • Unlimited product options and prices
  • Customers can shop by manufacturers

Merchandising and Inventory Features:

  • Discount coupons
  • Gift certificates
  • Full inventory control of products
  • Offer quantity discounts to customers
  • Retail, wholesale and multi-member pricing models

Shipping and Tax Features:

  • Real-time UPS shipping calculator
  • Real-time shipping markups
  • Free shipping available per product
  • “Free shipping” coupons to customers<
  • Additional processing and handling charges available
  • Customizable tax calculation
  • Product-specific taxes
  • “Tax exempt” feature

Requirements to Become a Merchant Membership on Local-Marketplace.com

  1. Agree to the merchant terms of service
  2. Pay for Merchant Membership
  3. Your approved account will be created and configured and you can begin selling online! (normally within 24 hours)
Important: To become an authorized Local Marketplace™ Merchant, you must have a valid:

Here’s How Local-Marketplace.com Works:

  • Customer finds your (merchant’s) products and/or services via search engine results – from content uploaded and managed by you (The Merchant)
  • Customer purchases your products / services through Local-Marketplace.com
  • Customer and Merchant are both notified immediately of purchase via email and secure website control panel
  • Merchant Ships order
  • Local-Marketplace.com disburses funds to Merchant every 14 Days

Cost to Sell on Local-Marketplace.com

  • $250 one-time membership fee
  • 7% commission of the total transaction and $.30 per transaction fee
  • $1.00 per disbursement period via Paypal every 14 Days

(Local-Marketplace.com pays credit card processing fees!)
(Note: Certain associations may have discount coupons available for the one-time fee. Please inquire within your specific association if you are eligible)

Membership includes:

  • Ability to sell in unlimited products and categories
  • Access to the easy to use merchant control panel (simple step-by-step instructions)
  • Company profile page, including logo, company description, return policies, etc.
  • Discounts to ongoing advanced e-commerce training sessions
  • Ability to advertise within Local-Marketplace.com (additional charges apply)
  • Automated product search engine optimization (SEO) and Google Base Feed submission
  • 1 Free “Featured” product within desired category for 1st month
  • 1 Featured Merchant Advertisement (you supply banner artwork)

Coming to a City Near YOU!

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We provide Small Business America with the great equalizer, The WEB. Introducing the first fully “transactional” Online City Marketplace. We deliver new revenues and secure higher placement search (SEO) results than Fortune 100 companies receive for their products and services. Our solution serves a need not addressed by eBay or Amazon. We provide small business with competitive advantage of social media, networking on steroids.

Local Marketplace™ will promote cities and regions THROUGH their local products and services. We bring in customers virtually first, then physically through upselling the city as a whole. (similar to visitcalifornia.com — but we put an “add to cart” button on each and every product/service)

We want to prove and show you how your investment (we become your collaborating partners) in Local Marketplace™ will be the right one to drive business performance, productivity, profitability, and provide you the ability to enhance your business image.

The challenge: Give us a conglomerate’s product or service and/ or city to search and we will run circles around that conglomerate’s current search results…

Local Marketplace™, a division of Daveworks Inc.
2945 Bell Road #320
Auburn, CA 95603